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Dr. Brian Kersten

Dr. Brian Kersten has always had a love of animals and a fascination with science. He decided to combine these passions by pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. With years of experience caring for pets and farm animals, he worked as an associate veterinarian for many years before opening his own practice. Dr. Kersten has had a wide range of experience working with animals all over the world, including a 2.5 year residency helping impoverished farmers with their animals in Haiti.

In his years as a veterinarian, Dr. Kersten has seen many clients have to make difficult decisions due to financial constraints. Oftentimes, pet parents are put in a very challenging position, where they have to choose between their pet’s care and their financial stability. Inspired to provide a solution to this problem, Dr. Kersten founded Mercy Veterinary Service in 2021. Mercy Veterinary Service is a low cost veterinary service dedicated to making compassionate, quality care affordable and accessible to all.


To learn more about Mercy Veterinary Service’s service offerings, you can visit the services page by clicking below.

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